The Story Of Reilly

small house

In September of 2008, renovations began on what is now Reilly's Pub, a small family owned business overlooking the shores of Green Lake. Early one morning several weeks into the construction, the crew arrived at work to find quite a surprise. Low to the ground, just inside the entrance, was a mysterious little door. At first the crew thought it was a joke since no one knew how the door appeared inside the empty building. That night the owners and some of the crew camped out to spy on whatever was living on the other side of the locked doorway. Many hours into the night everyone fell asleep having seen neither hide nor hair of anything. Suddenly, the slamming of a door woke them and they knew they had missed their opportunity!

Months went by with no sightings and the construction was completed. The mysterious little door remained untouched and became a part of the Pub. One night as the staff and owners were working to prepare to open the restaurant, they heard a strange noise coming from near the entrance. As they turned the corner, they saw a tiny creature peering out of the mysterious little door. When their eyes met, the little stranger scurried into the door and slammed it shut! The next morning the owners hired an artist to create a picture of the little creature that was seen the night before. Everyone was amazed to see that the picture turned out to be a leprechaun! It is that very drawing that now hangs above his mysterious little door. It only seemed fitting to name the Pub after this little Green Lake Leprechaun that we lovingly named Reilly.